We love our job and we are dedicated to helping you advance your procurement strategy

We’ve developed a procurement process that will simplify and minimize your supply chain stress!

Where We Operate

ETCH Sourcing is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in Strategic Sourcing, Source-to-Pay processes and procedures, and Category Management. Our organization was founded based on the realization that many business problems in today’s market can be solved with a strong foundation of supplier contracts that are well balanced and set clear expectations while delivering lasting value to both parties. 


Where We Excel

With 10 years of experience in multibillion-dollar corporations, we have seen the best-in-class techniques and we want to help you advance your procurement strategy with our light-touch methodology.

Budget Control

Up to 40% cost savings delivered across addressable categories

Enhance Supplier Relationships

Collaborate with suppliers to maximize operational efficiency and drive performance

Processes and Tools

Ensure straightforward tools and processes are implemented to enable efficient delivery

Comprehensive Category Strategies

Uncovering opportunities for value creation through tailor-made strategies aligned with company priorities

Ready-to-Use Sourcing Strategies

See your strategies be executed from negotiation to contract with no delays or business disruptions

Advanced Contract Terms & Leverage

Identify hidden leverage to build robust contracts that minimize supplier risk

Our 3P's

People, Passion and Performance. Our passion drives the way we operate, mange relationships, and our dedication towards delivering the best value for each client. 

People – Our love for genuine connection drives how we build relationships with our clients, suppliers and our team

Passion – We bring boundless energy that fuels a natural curiosity and drive to seek new challenges

Performance -Our commitment to quality shines through everything that we do and we deliver every time


Our Leadership Team

Jane Zhang

Jane is all about the people. She will go out of her way to connect with, and help anyone that needs a problem solved. Jane is utterly reliable, you can trust her to drive any initiative through the finish line. Over the years, Jane has been working through the entire sourcing spectrum, from building and executing multi-million dollar tactical strategies, to being entrusted with some of the most complex and strategic contractual negotiations involving hundred of millions of dollars – she exceeds expectations every time.

Extremely curious and positive, Jane will brighten the mood of any negotiation room. 


Guillaume Boisserpe

Guillaume is driven to help others achieve their full potential. Over the past 10 years, Guillaume has worked in two different continents and four different cities allowing him to bring a holistic view of business practices in multiple categories of spend. In his sourcing experience, he managed up to 20% of total company spend for multi-billion dollar companies, recruited, trained, and mentored sourcing teams for a wide range of industries. 

Guillaume is passionate about creating long-lasting impact on those he encounters. He is always thrilled to learn about new challenges that he can help overcome. As a high-energy problem solver, Guillaume will stand by your side no matter the magnitude of the challenge

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