What’s in a name?

The name ETCH comes from the age old practice of selectively covering a surface with a protective layer, and removing only the exposed areas to create an intricate design. Similarly, ETCH applies strategic cost control, while protecting and strengthening client-supplier relationships.

To ETCH a surface is to make a design permanent and lasting, just as ETCH strives to make lasting positive impact for all our clients.

Leadership Team



Co-Founder & COO

Jane is all about the people. A highly driven professional, she will go out of her way to connect with, and help, anyone that needs a problem solved. Jane is utterly reliable, and you can trust her to drive any initiative through the finish line. Over the years, Jane has been working through the entire sourcing spectrum, from building and executing multi-million dollar tactical strategies, to being entrusted with some of the most complex and strategic contractual negotiations involving hundreds of millions of dollars – exceeding expectations every time.

An avid traveller, you can meet her all over the globe where she will be meeting new people and discovering new food. Extremely curious and overwhelmingly positive, Jane will brighten the mood of any negotiation room.



Co-Founder & CEO

Guillaume is driven to help others achieve their full potential and to share in mutual success. Over the past 10 years, Guillaume has worked in two different continents and four different cities, allowing him to bring a holistic view of business practices in multiple categories of spend. In his sourcing experience, Guillaume has managed up to 20% of total company spend for multi-billion dollar companies, as well as trained and established sourcing teams for a wide range of industries.

A natural born communicator, Guillaume firmly believes in making a long-lasting impact on those he encounters. He has something in common with everyone he meets, and is always thrilled to learn about new challenges that he can help overcome. A passionate speaker and constant thinker, Guillaume is an overwhelmingly reassuring presence to have on your side no matter the magnitude of the challenge.