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12. Ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns

Buy more sustainably produced paper from certified suppliers




SDG Alignment

Target Description

Level of Effort

UN SDG Target


By 2030, substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse


Category Assessment



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(1) Assess the production/manufacturing process of the currently purchased paper that is in use.
(2) Conduct research into the qualities that you are looking for in the quality of paper, as it is an essential step to choose the right supplier based on this analysis.
(3) Look into and evaluate the potential suppliers based on your requirements and for sustainably sourced paper.
(4) Identify the type of relationship to be established and determine potential leverage accordingly.


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Scope to develop such a brand image along with cost savings derived from such a decision (use of recycled paper or paper with lower brightness).

Forest conservation reduced energy, and chemical consumption during the production/manufacturing process of recycled paper.

Strategy Build & Execution

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(1) Establish the goals and targets (along with potential commercial benefits) which would fit your company in association with the adoption of a sustainable initiative.
(2) Determine to what degree the transition would be appropriate (if high-grade paper is necessary for the function of the company, consider smaller-scale innovations than the use of 100% recycled materials). The decision will depend on the extent to which the use of high-grade paper can be scaled down without affecting the company functions.
(3)Discuss with the existing paper suppliers about this initiative and determine the level of transition they are willing to make to help towards achieving this as a goal or target.
(4) Align employees towards the sustainability initiative and have them on board by explaining benefits and potential sacrifice in quality that comes with the adoption of the initiative.
(5) Award contract and implement the initiative.
(6) Monitor and keep a record of benefits reaped.

Supplier Negotiation & Contract

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(1) Negotiate with existing/potential suppliers on the value-adding elements such as shipping and handling, installation, and disposal of end-of-life supplies.
(2) Consider the implementation of a warranty program with suppliers in case the quality of the sustainable alternative is not up to standard or as discussed.

Supplier Performance & Management

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Integrate the reporting of CO2 emission reductions into the annual supplier performance management.
Schedule annual meetings to discuss new technologies or products released in the market with respect to sustainable paper materials and the scope for the procurement of such products.

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