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12. Ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns

End of life Vehicle parts returns initative




SDG Alignment

Target Description

Level of Effort

UN SDG Target


By 2030, substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse

Category Assessment



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(1) Conduct an internal assessment to identify the method of current auto repair parts disposal.
(2) Contact suppliers in the area to assess the viability of a returns/take-back program for the different parts.
(3) Conduct a survey with the suppliers to gauge the response towards different types of returns programs they can accommodate (for example takeback, exchange).
(4) Identify potential suppliers and determine the leverage that you could develop to negotiate with each of them.


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Sustainability opportunity: Reduced materials sent to landfills, energy savings from reduced new parts production with reuse program, and reduced impacts from chemicals used and greenhouse gas emissions.

Business opportunity: Cost savings on waste management, improve brand image, and supplier cost savings due to reuse or returns service options available.

Strategy Build & Execution

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Build a strategy upon evaluation as to whether this system is economically feasible for your maintenance store:
(1) Identify potential suppliers and select a supplier who is willing to engage in the returns service.
(2) Prepare and conduct pieces of training for your mechanics to ensure they are onboard the handling return products/parts.
(3) Implement monitoring measures to track that the program is being followed.

Supplier Negotiation & Contract

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(1) Leverage to accommodate a long term contract with the supplier due to the unpredictable manner of this initiative. This will help develop stronger relationships with the supplier for smoother operations.
(2) Ensure that the supplier will achieve R2 or E-Stewards Standards (or non-US equivalent program) along with the support is provided and it is an investment for developing the supplier business as well.
(3) Negotiate to fix a quantity that the suppliers can accept and mention the quantity into the contract as a quota.

Supplier Performance & Management

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Perform annual Supplier Relationship Review and include required sustainability reporting in annual reviews. Maintain records of parts returned, turnaround time, facility quality, warehousing cost, average inventory level, and inventory variations.

Perform an internal review after change has been implemented to evaluate commercial and environmental impact of the vehicle parts returned/refurbishment initiative.

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