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9. Build Resilient Infrastructure, Promote Inclusive and Sustainable Industrialization and Foster Innovation

Invest in innovative scanners that have a longer lifespan




SDG Alignment

Target Description

Level of Effort

UN SDG Target


By 2030, upgrade infrastructure and retrofit industries to make them sustainable, with increased resource-use efficiency and greater adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies and industrial processes, with all countries taking action in accordance with their respective capabilities


Category Assessment



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(1) Evaluate the current image scanning practices and try to identify their lifespan and efficiency of use.
(2) Utilize the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool). EPEAT is a comprehensive procurement rating program, which includes energy efficiency, take-back programs for equipment, packaging, and consumables, reduction/elimination of environmentally sensitive substances, and other important environmental attributes.
a) Evaluate the likelihood to upgrade to new scanners once after the current lifecycle.
b) Conduct market research on energy-efficient alternatives.
c) Evaluate the potential leverage you would have on the suppliers to purchase new energy-efficient and long-life span machines.
d) Assess options for the sustainable disposal of the old more energy inefficient options.


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Cost savings on energy savings along with savings from product increased lifespan.

Increased lifespan of product reduces wastes generated, and energy savings gained from more energy efficient option considered.

Strategy Build & Execution

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(1) From the assessment, determine whether an upgrade is a viable option depending on the scanner use and end of life.
(2) Identify the degree of transition necessary to successfully incorporate this change (if high performance is a necessity, consider a smaller scale change).
(3) Align stakeholders on the potential benefits of the sustainability initiative and get them on board with the use of the alternatives.
(4) Evaluate suppliers (existing or new) and accordingly procure new, and more energy-efficient scanners. Consider products from manufacturers who have their own recycling program (for example Imaging Equipment Recycling Program) or a strong reverse supply chain.
(5) Dispose off the old scanners sustainably, by utilizing the Recycling Program of the manufacturer or any similar service provided in your area.

Supplier Negotiation & Contract

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(1) Negotiate with existing/potential suppliers on the value-adding elements such as shipping and handling, installation, and disposal of end-of-life scanners.
(2) Leverage the business creation in exchange for discounted rates and include warranty clauses as well for compromise in quality delivered from supplier end (mitigate risk).
(3) Encourage your suppliers to have their own recycling program which will add to their leverage in negotiations with other clients and create business value.

Supplier Performance & Management

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Integrate energy usage tracking system to evaluate changes in energy consumption associated with the upgrade.
Request feedback post the implementation from impact groups in the company regarding the product performance and quality.

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