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12. Ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns

Procure environmentally preferable office products




SDG Alignment

Target Description

Level of Effort

UN SDG Target


By 2030, substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse


Category Assessment



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(1) Conduct assessment into current inventory of office supplies, when is the next scheduled purchase into the current waste disposal process of materials.
(2) Conduct assessment into the current waste disposal process of materials.
(3) Identify the percentages of office materials that can be recycled and are currently being recycled. The evaluation would identify how many used products are plastic (reusable or not).
(4) Identify if certain products can be purchased at a reduced volume.
(5) Assess and identify potential suppliers to procure office supplies from; do they have recycling programs? do they have green certificates? do they report their carbon reduction targets?
(6) The below links assist in identifying sustainable product options, refer and identify the best sustainable option for your organization.



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Business: Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP) is a cost-competitive option to regular products. This is also a supplier diversification avenue for your organization. Inventory reduction is an overhead cost saver.

Sustainability: Material reduction during product manufacturing improves sustainable causes. This in addition to life-cycle energy and water savings and reduced toxicity in the environment.

Strategy Build & Execution

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(1) Perform the assessment and categorize products that have EPP alternatives.
(2) Communicate with your internal stakeholder and current suppliers regarding the sustainability targets.
(3) Work with your current suppliers to develop and execute a roll-out plan in phases, substituting environmentally preferable products with less desirable office products.
(4) Audit stock regularly, to identify any products that are close to expiry, allowing these products to be used first.
(5) Increase the visibility and selection of available greener office supplies by expressing it as a priority in your RFP and EOI.
(6) Share information and communicate your plastic reduction efforts to workers: advertise the use of alternatives, and use of non-plastic office supplies.
(7) Develop and implement a method to sort and recycle these wastes based on their toxicity level and dispose of accordingly.
(8) Develop a training program to educate stakeholders and align with the need for change and the benefits which will result.
(9) Establish a procedure to order stock on the basis of strict tracking and accurate prediction.
(10) Release RFQ and award contract appropriately

Supplier Negotiation & Contract

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(1) Consider working with a supplier to build their resources, tools, and capacity to deliver EPP products and develop ethical sourcing practices in their operations.
(2) Leverage the business creation for a discounted rate from suppliers. Agree on quality and maintenance accountability and responsibility, quality management, the turnaround time for emergency response, and the opportunity to sell/receive credits for exceeding performance benchmarks.
(3) Inclusion of quality assurance and warranty clauses in the contract to ensure the extended higher quality life of the product.
(4)Consider extending contract length to maximize leverage.

Supplier Performance & Management

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Perform repeated quality checks on products manufactured with alternatives for functional analysis and compare results.
Track all cost savings, environmental improvements, and staff satisfaction scores. Report regularly on findings.
Perform an internal review after the change has been implemented to evaluate the commercial and environmental impact of adopted change initiatives and request feedback/reviews from consumers.
Design and establish a new reporting system for the newly adopted alternatives incorporated operations.
Evaluate suppliers' standards and certifications attained for their new product offerings.
Monitor the annual CSR reports of your suppliers and stakeholders.

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