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12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Sustainable Computer Procurement




SDG Alignment

Target Description

Level of Effort

UN SDG Target


Promote public procurement practices that are sustainable, in accordance with national policies and priorities

Category Assessment



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Conduct research on the sustainable initiatives out there for computer products such as the ocean-bound plastics. (

(Note: these initiatives do not have to be 100% all sustainable technology. Other initiatives use sustainable parts, instead of the whole thing if you are not looking to make that drastic of a change)

Assess what you are using your computers for., and if it requires brand new top of the line materials and specs (if not you can compromise some specs to support these environmental initiatives)

Assess the suppliers providing these products and the potential for partnership with these suppliers.


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Business Opportunity:
Sustainable technologies are continuously increasing in popularity, by supporting these efforts, you can appeal to a much wider demographic of customers. Additionally, supporting sustainable innovations can greatly improve brand image. Opportunity to form strong relationships with the innovators.

Sustainability Opportunity:
The more these innovations are supported, the more practices in production and consumption will change to match the supported practices. By supporting sustainable initiatives, it encourages other suppliers to also be more sustainable.
Reduction of negative externalities related to production and disposal. For example, the use of ocean-bound plastics in HP's new computer recycles plastics instead of putting more plastic into the environment.

Strategy Build & Execution

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1) Establish goals and targets that you see fit for your company and the potential commercial benefits associated with a sustainable initiative
2)After establishing these targets, determine what degree of transition is appropriate (if high power computers are necessary for the function of the company, consider smaller-scale innovations than the 100% recycled materials, maybe just parts)
3)Obtain alignment from IT (New software), Corporate Administration (Document management) and consult Legal, and other departments as necessary to make the transition to new suppliers/products.
4) Align with suppliers to implement the new technology into the company.
5) Align with employees and ensure that they are aware of the goals and reasoning behind the switch to the innovations.

Supplier Negotiation & Contract

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Negotiate with suppliers on value-added elements including shipping and handling, installation, disposal of end-of-life supplies. Contract Supplier Performance Measures where possible

Ensure full transparency from suppliers of the innovations being implemented and what is being changed.

Supplier Performance & Management

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Schedule regular meetings with suppliers to get be up to date with progress made post the implementation of these strategies. Maintain records of program performance reports.

Integrate the reporting of CO2 emission reductions into the annual supplier performance management.

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