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Seek, Coach, Train – 3 simple steps to your dream team

June 6, 2017

We all share the same challenges when it comes to building high performing teams.

They need to deliver on impossible targets and drive change in transforming organizations. They also need to be able to share and communicate the team’s strategic vision while demonstrating value. And of course, all the above with the highest level of engagement.


At ETCH, we believe we can have it all. We follow three steps to find the right talent, for any type of job, and we would like to share them with you. If you feel like taking part in the action, grab a pen and paper and start drawing!


1. Sketch Your Superstar

Draw a stick figure to the side of the page (don’t worry about artistry points!).

Now, draw 3 text boxes next to the figure:

  • Required Skillset

  • Desired Mindset

  • Needed Character


Now take a moment and picture this superstar in your mind before filling out each category with traits:

  • Skillset: These are the hard skills your superstar has – what do you need them to do on a day to day basis, and do well?

  • Mindset: This is the mentality that this person carries – how they think, how they approach problems. What kind of mentality does your superstar have?

  • Character: This is the core of who your superstar is as a person – what kind of people and personality traits influences every action. What kind of person do you want to walk in through your office doors every day?

Done? Now take a look at your diagram and ask yourself this question – when I hire, what do I look for?


2. Build Your Superstar

You’ve read it as many time as we have – hire for fit, train for skills. It seems like while we all agree with this, we mostly continue to look for skillsets – because they’re easy to measure and assess. If only we could find someone who has the skills to hit the ground running!


The following patterns appears then:

  • Skillset -> Train. If we send them to training sessions they will come back more equipped and more engaged! Wrong.

  • Mindset -> Steer. Let’s show them the same Vision/Mission enough times and they will live and breathe it! Wrong.

  • Character -> Hope for the best. If they live by our side long enough, they will adapt! Wrong.


While character is not something an organization can hope to train. To develop the superstar you have in your mind, you have to first seek out those with the character that matches what you need.skillsets can be taught with training and skills development, mindsets can only be coached and slowly guided. Even more,


At ETCH, we truly believe in inversing the pattern:

  • Seek out those with the character – you might have a few in mind already, they don’t need to be from your immediate organization necessarily so long as they have the right traits

  • Coach them with the type of mindset you want them to have – teach them strategic thinking and how to think of the right questions

  • Train them in the right skillsets – identify the skills that are high priority for you and your organization. Focus on the ones that make the most impact. Make sure to provide your superstar with access to the appropriate training based on their current skill profile


Seek, Coach, Train.


3. Build your elite team

Now the best part: you only need to build a few superstars. They will naturally Seek other like-minded individuals to join your organization. They will Coach peers and internal stakeholder and bring them together around the vision of the organization. They will Train others, reaching throughout your organization and driving results and excellence with their peers and stakeholders. They will do all this, while ensuring that the day-to-day work is done above and beyond expectations. More seeking, more coaching, more training… with a smile!


How do you build your dream team?

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