Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable procurement is procurement that continuously drives positive social, environmental, or economic impact while delivering value and meeting the business needs of our clients’ organizations

Sustainable Procurement is the full integration of procurement activities and  Sustainability Development principles and turning them into actionable, tangible and measurable impact. Sustainable Procurement delivers impactful value throughout your business unit(s) while advocating for the lowest environmental impact and the most positive social results through your business functions.

Key Areas of Sustainable Procurement

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Risk Management
Leadership & Employee Buy-in

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are drivers set forth by multiple world governments to impact peace, planet, people, prosperity, & partnerships to attain a more prosperous future. We have provided examples of UN Sustainable Development Goals We have aligned our procurement process with the 17 potential impact your business can make today!

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We believe that procurement has the ability and the responsibility to accelerate sustainability within organizations. SPARK is a program developed to help organizations build a cost-effective strategy and implement sustainable action items within their Supply Chain process. Select which stage of the procurement journey your company is in and let us take care of the rest.


Sustainable Procurement ​

Actions Roadmap Kickstarter ​

Stage 1
Starting Out
Stage 2
Driving Change
Stage 3
Complex Strategy

Benefits of Integrating Sustainability into Procurement

Sustainability has become a true driver of value and, through effectively utilizing procurement, companies can tap into opportunities and amplify their results. According to the World Economic Forum, organizations that implement sustainability initiatives have the potential to realize improvements in operational performance:

5 - 20% Continuous Revenue Growth

9 - 16% Decrease in Supply Chain Costs

Up to 22% Decrease in Environmental Footprint

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Our Sustainable Procurement Process

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