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ETCH University

The only hybrid procurement training and on-boarding program for procurement practitioners by industry practitioners

As a trailblazer in practitioner-driven services, ETCH offers a unique training program that seamlessly blends live practitioner-led sessions with self-driven skills modules. This dynamic approach maximizes the advantages of flexible self-paced learning while maintaining an engaging in-class structure facilitated by industry practitioners, ensuring invaluable real-world experiences.

We believe that real-word experience is critical for procurement training at all levels, as such, all of our instructors are procurement professionals with experience in executing at all levels.

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At ETCH, we know the reality of the frontlines of procurement, and we believe in a hybrid learning model that combines the convenience of online self-driven modules with the benefits of live Q&A sessions. This approach allows your team members to access high-quality content at their own pace with a guided schedule, while enjoying the opportunity to interact with instructors and address specific queries during live sessions.

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Our Programs

Our curriculum is enriched with best-in-class real-world scenarios, enabling your procurement professionals to tackle practical challenges and apply their learning directly to the workplace. With the support of our experienced facilitators, your team will gain invaluable insights into the intricacies of procurement and develop a forward-thinking approach to their work.

Beyond just training, we go the extra mile to foster a growth-oriented mindset within your procurement team. Our training programs tie easily into existing on-boarding processes with a focus on instilling the values of collaboration to adaptability, innovation, and continuous improvement. When your team adopts this forward-thinking mindset, they become better equipped to drive success in a rapidly changing business landscape.

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Strategic Buyer Program

Our flagship program, the "Strategic Buyer" program, is carefully crafted to equip your buyer team with not just strategic buyer skills, but an understanding of the role they play in supporting the overall function of procurement. Developed by seasoned procurement professionals, ETCH University offers a wealth of expertise and industry insights, ensuring your buyer team receives the best training available.

Sustainable Procurement

The 'Sustainable Procurement’ program is thoughtfully designed to empower your procurement team not only with essential sustainable procurement skills but also with a profound comprehension of their pivotal role in advancing the overarching sustainability objectives. Formulated by experienced sustainability and procurement experts, ETCH University delivers a comprehensive range of knowledge and industry perspectives, guaranteeing that your team undergoes top-notch training in sustainable practices. 

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Strategic Sourcing

Our 'Strategic Sourcing’ program is meticulously designed to empower your sourcing team with not only essential strategic sourcing skills but also a deep understanding of their pivotal role in optimizing the overall procurement process. Crafted by seasoned sourcing professionals, ETCH University delivers extensive expertise and industry insights, guaranteeing that your sourcing team receives the highest quality training in strategic sourcing practices. 

Coming Soon

We are dedicated to bringing your procurement teams an array of exciting programs aimed at enhancing their capabilities. Allow us to give you a sneak peek into the upcoming programs currently in development at ETCH University. Rest assured, this is just the beginning, as we have a multitude of additional programs in the pipeline, all designed to meet your team's evolving needs.


Category Management

  • Data Visualization & Analysis tools

  • Strategy Development

  • Risk Management

  • Etc.



  • Tactics and Techniques 

  • Negotiation Strategy Build & Approval

  • Contract Negotiation with Legal

  • Etc.

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