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Advance your sourcing and procurement operations while creating lasting value

Where We Excel

With years of experience in multibillion-dollar corporations, we have seen the best-in-class techniques and we want to help you advance your procurement strategy with our light-touch methodology.

ETCH Budget Control
Budget Control

Up to 40% cost savings delivered

across addressable categories

Collaborate with suppliers to maximize operational efficiency and drive performance

ETCH Enhance Supplier Relationships
Enhance Supplier Relationship
ETCH Process and Tools
Processes and Tool

Ensure straightforward tools and processes are implemented

to enable efficient delivery

ETCH Comprehensive category strategy.png
Comprehensive Category Strategies

Uncovering opportunities for value creation through tailor-made strategies aligned with company priorities

ETCH ready to use Sourcing Strategies.png
Sourcing Strategies

See your strategies be executed from negotiation to contract with

no delays or business disruptions

ETCH advance contract terms.png
Advanced Contract Terms & Leverage

Identify hidden leverage to build robust contracts that minimize supplier risk

ETCH Managed Procurement Service.png
ETCH Sustainable Procurement.png
Sustainable Procurement
ETCH Digital Procurement.png
Digital Procurement
Procurement Services

Achieve More

ETCH's low risk, high-value engagement model helps businesses create a competitive advantage, savings and sustainability by advancing their procurement teams.

Stakeholder Engagement

Actively involve internal stakeholders to promote cross-functional collaboration.

Procurement Team Performance

Potential savings captured from untapped savings opportunities.

Supplier Performance Management

Manage strategic supplier with key performance indicators to drive performance.

Next Generation of Procurement Talent

Proactively train talent to reduce disruptions caused by knowledge gaps. 

Risk Management

Negotiate contract terms to mitigate supplier risk and ensure operational excellence.

Performance Indicator

Advanced Procurement Teams

Average Industry Procurement Teams

"ETCH stood out by far as the most passionate, relationship-focused company. Time after time, they go above and beyond to exceed my expectations."

- Implementation Specialist in Oil & Gas

Our Competitive Advantage:


We believe in going above and beyond, no matter where we are. We always work with our clients to achieve the perfect balance of on-site and remote services in order to eliminate unnecessary travel or site costs while maintaining a strong relationship foundation with all of our clients. Our teams have years of experience in providing remote procurement expertise blended with critical on-site presence, and we deliver results, every time.





We work as your procurement team


Program Driven from 

Local ETCH Offices

On-site Presence

As Required

 Find out how you can advance your procurement process today! 

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