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Adopt procurement policies that incorporate indigenous business, involvement, and consultation throughout the supply chain


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SDG Alignment

12. Promote Peaceful and Inclusive Societies for Sustainable Development, Provide Access to Justice for All and Build Effective, Accountable and Inclusive Institutions at All Levels

SDG Target


Target Description

Promote public procurement practices that are sustainable, in accordance with national policies and priorities

Level of Effort

Level of Effort Scale


1 -Quick Wins: solution involves adding criteria for the good or service being purchased (ex: certifications), minimal internal process changes.

2 -Long Term Adoption: solution requires some changes to internal processes and/or more capital investment (ex: digital transformation to reduce paper use).

3 – Disruptive Opportunities: requires significant investment and changes to internal processes (ex: retrofitting building)

Category Assessment

ETCH Procurement Process .png


• Assess the current spend on paper products, and whole supply chain visibility all the way into the raw material supplier practices.

• Evaluate the raw material and paper supplier's social MSCI (index used to measure equity market performance in global emerging markets) rating and reporting.

• Seek out local indigenous groups for sourcing material, identify if there are possibilities for partnerships, work with indigenous businesses and diversify a portion of your business to small-scale suppliers.

Opportunity Identification 

Eligible to receive certain tax benefits or credits depending on the region of operation and certifications

Indigenous involvement can be considered to reduce socio-economical inequities and increase long-term sustainable business relations

Strategy Build & Execution

• Identify and analyze indigenous involvement in the paper supply chain (CSR reporting databases, supplier annual report, certifications, and reported human rights concerns tied to suppliers).

• If there is a significant lack of visibility, consider changing suppliers by performing a Request for Information (RFI) and including questions surrounding human rights and indigenous involvement/hiring/consultation throughout the evaluation process. Consider the inclusion of questions surrounding certifications and indigenous-owned companies' services used.

Supplier Negotiation & Contract

During contract development or negotiation, consider the inclusion of a clause outlining indigenous/human rights reporting systems and responsibility throughout the supply chain.

Supplier Performance & Management

• Record the number of indigenous partnerships you have established and continue to improve those relationships.

• Work closely with your stakeholder and suppliers to ensure product quality is up to standards.

• Evaluate the possibility of including more indigenous involvement in your supply chain.

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