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Utilize steam equipment to improve energy efficiency


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SDG Alignment

7. Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy

SDG Target


Target Description

By 2030, double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency

Level of Effort

Level of Effort Scale


1 -Quick Wins: solution involves adding criteria for the good or service being purchased (ex: certifications), minimal internal process changes.

2 -Long Term Adoption: solution requires some changes to internal processes and/or more capital investment (ex: digital transformation to reduce paper use).

3 – Disruptive Opportunities: requires significant investment and changes to internal processes (ex: retrofitting building)

Category Assessment

ETCH Procurement Process .png


• Evaluate and analyze the amount of money and time that your company can invest into helping your supplier achieve these changes, which could result in long-term benefits for your company.

• Use Energy Star, link in the resource section, to help suppliers identify the areas of their steam system that can undergo energy efficiency improvements.

Opportunity Identification 

By saving energy, the supplier is also saving on the costs associated with energy. The recommended strategies have the potential for increased connectivity with the supplier's operations, potentially fostering a stronger relationship with them. Energy prices are very volatile, so by reducing energy usage, there is improved price stability.

There is a high degree of greenhouse gas emissions associated with the high energy outputs of current paper production. By reducing energy usage, emissions also get reduced.

Strategy Build & Execution

• Conduct an internal assessment to gauge the number of resources you can devote to helping the supplier achieve energy efficiency improvements.

• Contact eligible suppliers and work with them on the various ways that they can improve their steam systems based on the detailed targets.

• Assist in the implementation of the energy-saving programs for their steam systems.

Supplier Negotiation & Contract

• Implement check measures into the contract to ensure that the supplier follows through with the implementation of the energy-saving program.

• Ensure that the supplier is compliant with energy star certifications or coordinate with suppliers to reach an agreement on which guidelines to follow from the below document.

Supplier Performance & Management

• Regularly keep track of the energy usage during manufacturing, compare historical data on monthly energy spent. Cost-saving should be realized with improved machinery.

•Discuss the emergence of new technologies in the market based on the conditions of steam systems and the necessity for applying these technology changes.

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